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Sony Vegas Tutorials: Text Effect & Make Animation Intro


Sony Vegas Pro is a popular show in editing and visual content making, and many people use it to make its content, whether it's organizations or individuals, for their own business. Some want to use it but do not know how to do it, so you find it looking for lessons that explain this program to be able to then edit, design and others in this program, and there are many explanations on the Internet that the person can learn from, especially YouTube. We've made simple explanations about how to design animated scripts in this program nearly 18 lessons. I hope these lessons are useful to you and enjoyable

We created 18 intros for our Youtube channel by using Sony Vegas Pro Editor and we explained how can you make them, you can find them in our Youtube channel.

Here are the 18 lessons:

➡️ Reveal Text Effect

➡️ Spin Text Effect

➡️ Bouncing Text Effect

➡️ Typewriter Text Effect

➡️ Colorful Text Reveal effect

➡️ Liquid Text Reveal Effect

➡️ Smoke Text Effect

➡️ Paint Video Effect

➡️ Paint Text Effect

➡️ Cinematic Text Effect

➡️ Neon Text Effect

➡️ Glitch Text Effect

➡️ Drop Text Effect

➡️ Smooth Text Effect

➡️ Motion Text Effect

➡️ Wipe Text Effect

➡️ Smooth 2 Text Effect

➡️ Text Effect

I hope these lessons are useful to you and enjoyable.